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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Here we go again

Girly girl is in-patient AGAIN! J5, Room 14. She discovered a little open sore down in the crevices of the peepee area (sorry if TMI) early this week which is still from the infection she has a few weeks ago that landed her in the hospital for a week. Dr. Nick has been watching it closely and today decided he wasn't willing to risk another infection so in she went. The problem is that of course any open sore is susceptible to infection but she has no immune system for one thing and another is this is a very hard area to keep really really clean. If an infection occurs it will most likely end up in her blood stream and could even go to her heart as she has nothing in her body to fight the infection. So they are giving her very high dose antibiotics and watching and waiting. She is also going to surgery tomorrow of a Bone Marrow biopsy which has been the plan all along as part of her normal scans looking for NB. They have been holding off until her counts started to recover but seeing as they haven't as of yet they are going forward. Also in doing this Dr. Nick wants to see if the original infection was bad enough to embed itself into her bone marrow which could be a reason her counts are still stalling. So honestly we have no proof that any of these things are happening or will happen or that any of this is the cause of anything but we are just being very cautious. It may not help but it cant hurt.

Eden has also starting tutoring as of today because she has missed so much school and she is SOOOO very lucky to have her wonderful first grade teacher Mrs. Russell doing it. When i left the hospital they were curled up on her bed reading. Eden also got to spend some precise time with Mrs. Zorn and Miss. Diddle earlier this week when we attempted to go to school. (only lasted a few hours) I was in with Nurse Mary going over any precautions needed to be taken and when i came out i found Zorn, Diddle and Eden on the floor of the office cuddling. One of the sweetest things i have even seen! In the past 2.3 years i have felt an overwhelming need to ingrain every memory into my brain never to be forgotten and this will be one of my favorites! I only wish i had my camera.

I will try to keep you updates as i get new information.



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At 7:31 PM, Blogger Jennifer said...

Oh Eden!

Poor thing...hope she is outta there again soon & that her bone marrow biopsy comes out good.


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