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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Addition to :Eden is home!

Many of you are entirely too perceptive! lol But I love that you are always looking out for our girl! I have already had many emails of concern regarding the BSO. Mainly because you remember this drug from Christi Thomas. I had the very same concerns which I voiced to Dr. Mosse yesterday. Of course Dr. Mosse is not allowed to discuss anything with me regarding what Christi did or didn't do and why, but because Angela Thomas was so kind to share Christi's life on her blog in such great detail I am very aware of the difference here and I will try to explain them as gently as possible. When Christi was treated with BSO her Cancer was much progressed and I believe it was being given to Christi on a compassionate basis. Eden’s current Cancer load is very mild and the treatment she will be on is at a much higher dose then Christi did. Christi's Cancer was never one to respond well to chemo where Eden has always had a good response. Please keep in mind that one of the reasons that a cure for Neuroblastoma is so elusive is because each child reacts so differently to treatment. Christi's Cancer was considered Resistant as were Eden’s is Recurrent and believe it or not there is a difference and it does effect how different treatments work. I promise that we will always stay one step ahead of the game as long as that is possible and that Eden's Health, comfort and quality of life are our first priorities.


At 11:27 AM, Blogger Tawny said...

NB is such a horrible disease and by reading about many different children i've learned how different each child & their body react to treatments. All we can do is hope and pray that the treatment Eden does works well for her and knocks out the nasty NB! I pray that her cancer continues to respond well to chemo and that soon her body will be forever rid of cancer here on earth! My main prayer is that a cure be found asap because too many innocent lives are lost & it breaks my heart. Stay Strong!


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