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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Philadelphia ABT-751 Cycle 5 Day 3

So far so good. Tomorrow is the big day. MIBG at 8:00am and meeting at 10:00am then we'll be heading out of Philly. After leaving the hospital today she was in the mood for ihop, having a big mid afternoon lunch. Eden and I then made it to the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall with just enough time for a couple of pictures. Because Art and Crafts are such a big part of Eden's day we had to be back here for dinner and then crafts at 6:00pm. I've already check out so to speak. While Eden was crafting I was sweeping the room and picking up and packing because once we leave here in the morning we won't be coming back. I don't have the ability to upload picture here so I'll send them up when I get home!


At 9:27 PM, Anonymous Jocelyn said...

ihop i wish we had one here in columbus, can't wait to see the pictures hope all is going well i am praying! love ya


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