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Tuesday, April 24, 2007


Eden is in fact inpatient, for how long we don't know. She really seems much much better today! she has not had fever since yesterday morning and she is up and moving again. We did have a small scare this morning when i showed up at the hospital the nurse had just come in and told Dad that she was NPO and that a surgery consult was on their way..... ??????????? It took me getting a little loud to find out what the *^&% was going on. Turns out that when she had her CT scan last night they had not looked at it until this morning and her Liver, pancreas, gull bladder area was enlarged.

It seems an Intern may have received these results first and put the orders in without giving us a heads up as to what was going on. I am not at all upset because i know they are learning but it was a very tense 45 min up on J5 and few people may have been on the receiving end of my "concern" ..lol Fortunately they are very good at understanding the parents frustration at times. I finally spoke with Dr. Yeager and he feels her blood levels do not indicate a major problem so she will just be watched closely to be sure everything goes back to normal. the swelling could have been from meds or infection or any number of things. Our biggest concern is that we don't so anything to irritate things further and prevent her from going to Philly for MiBG Therapy. If you would like to send her a card here is the link:She is on J5 room 14.

Again sorry we still haven't been able to get the airing of the prom up. we are trying to extract it from my DVR.....


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