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Monday, September 18, 2006

Please God

Dont let sweet Christi suffer anymore!

Posting from early this morning:

We've had three times tonight when we thought "this is it". All three have brought us to rivers of tears, all three have found us calmly talking with Christi telling her how much we love her, telling her how wonderful the place she is going will be, telling her she'll always be in our hearts and that we'll be okay with our her and telling her that she's the first in our family to get to meet Jesus. (Christi always likes being "first".) As of this moment, she's still here and I'm typing from her bed where I've been perched most of the day trying to soak in every last sight, smell, and sound of this little girl who, as a result of spending so much intense time together over the past four years, is like a part of Shayne and I. When she soon dies, a huge part of us will also die.
Shayla broke our hearts tonight when she wanted Christi to tell her her username and password to get on to her computer site back home. Christi's so heavily sedated that she has been unresponsive since early this morning when she said, "bathroom" yet couldn't even hold her head up and could only cry in pain and tell us, "I hurt everywhere." Watching her suffer like this is horribly cruel. While a very selfish part of me wants her to stay like this for days, I continue to pray to God to please not let her experience any more pain and please call her Home soon.
The funeral plans are begining to mesh. I just feel that this little Princess is quite deserving of a royal send off! And quite frankly, since there will be no graduation party, wedding or baby shower to help plan - this is it! (Thanks, Kelly, for taking care of the dove release which will be held at the cemetary. Only YOU can know and understand the pain of watching your precious baby's body being destroyed with this evil cancer monster.)
I do not know if she will make it through the night, but I'm going to put my head back and try to catch a few zzzzzzs - if I can.

We also ask for prayer for Eden today as she starts her scans!


At 2:30 PM, Blogger Angel Feathers Tickle Me said...


Endures all things

At 5:02 PM, Blogger Lisa said...


I too, am deeply saddened to hear of Miss Christi's fight coming to an end. I have been following her story for almost 3 years, Christi is an inspiration to us all. As well as Miss Eden, I have been following your journal entries on her for a while now too. Both of these sweet innocent children are miraculous in my eyes, As i've said in previous comments, I too am fighting the good fight and when I have a bad day, I check up on Eden as well as Christi and to see them fighting with all their might, helps me to remember that i can do this too.

God Bless you all,
And praying for Eden as she starts her scans...

-Lisa Forss



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