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Thursday, September 21, 2006

In the Hospital

The little princess woke up around 3 this morning just grumbling and when i felt her head i knew why.. She was HOT. i took her temp and it was 100.8 so i decided to not give her anything for it and just keep an eye on it. (technically anything over 100.5 earns her a hospital stay but i refuse to take her to the ER unless it is life or death. (as far as i am concerned its about the same as throwing her in a vat of germs) So i set my alarm for every 45 min and checked her temp. It continued to rise but very slowly so as long as it stayed under 103 i was going to hold off until morning. When i woke her up at 9 this morning it was in fact 103.6 so off we went to the hospital. Even worse then the fever was she was hurting on her "PeePee". We are pretty sure its some sort of urinary tract infection from the Antibiotics and low White count. So she could barely walk and wouldn't let me hold her so it was rough going but at last we made it and they started her on some meds to help and they got her counts. Counts are White 1.1, Red 5.9 and Platelets 11. So she is getting Red Blood and platelets and staying on the shots. I ran into Dr. Yeager and we sat down and looked at her scan from yesterday together. We agreed that the spot on her shoulder seems to be gone and there is nothing in the hip that we can see and the belly looks stable if not better. The report from the radiologist was not available yet so we will wait for him to confirm what we were seeing. The ladies down in NucMed where making fun of me calling me Dr. Lisa because i asked them to pull up her last scan so i could compare them as the current scan was running. As i am sure they would agree i have learned just enough to be dangerous. lol Anyway, during my conversation with Dr. Nick our biggest concern now is her counts. They must start to recover soon to keep her eligible for another round of MiBG in Philly. So he plans to call Dr. Mosse and ask her if we have a little wiggle room on the time frame and we now know that the MiBG did in fact help and her counts could still be low because of the cold. The problem is that continued low counts could cause any number of infections or internal bleeding which could really hurt her progress and if they wont come up on their own then we would have to rely on a Stem Cell Rescue and if we do that then she cannot do MiBG anymore and we would have to move on to something else. So we constantly walk this very fine line choosing which option is bad and which is worse.

If you would like to send Eden a card, she is on J5 Room 15 and you can use this link. http://www.columbuschildrens.com/gd/applications/controller.cfm?&page=246

Thanks for all of the prayers.

Please also continue to pray for sweet Christi's family as i am sure the next few days will be very difficult for them.



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