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Sunday, September 17, 2006

The Weekend

Eden had an ok weekend. She is still fighting this cold and has had some low grade fevers that I am hoping is just from being extremely neutropenic. She has complained of some pain here and there which I am assuming is from the G-CSF (shots to help improve her White count) Sometimes I have to just assume things to keep from having panic attacks! I know some people would call it living in denial but I have to say that denial has become one of my favorite places. They have comfortable chairs and pretty pictures on the walls.

Having all of these little issues with Eden along with all that the Thomas family are going through with poor sweet Christi, I am having a very hard time keeping it together with Eden's scans coming up this week! I have always started to feel the pangs of worry about two weeks before her scans and then a week before the pangs turn into Nauseating sharp pains and then the day of it takes everything I have not to jump right out of my skin.

Its as though someone has sat your child in the middle of a busy street and tied you to a tree to watch what happens. The cars continue to fly by each one getting closer and closer and everything in your body screams for you to do something and you are completely helpless. When you look into her eyes, you see no fear because she knows you are there and you would never let anything hurt her. You cant scream out to her and you cant show fear to her. You just watch and pray that the next car wont be the one that takes her away from you forever!

Please continue to pray for sweet Christi and her family!


At 10:45 PM, Anonymous Amy said...

Praying for clean scans!! Lisa, I know what that feeling is, the helpless feeling, It is something no one can even begin to understand, although you did a pretty good job of explaining it, but it is a million times worse than words can express. Codey wants to play with Eden soon, He asked me if we could meet her at Magic Mountain one day, whenever she is up for it.


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