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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

A Good Weekend

I have mentioned the wonderful church in LaPorte IN who has been very emotionally and spiritually supportive of Eden in the last few years even though most of them have never met her. Well this weekend I really needed to get away and clear my head so Andy, Eden, Riley and I headed there for an introduction. A little history: The first weekend Eden started to feel pain in her hip which led to her diagnoses of Cancer we where in IN for a forth of July celebration with Andy's family. Aunt Sharon, Uncle Dan, Cousins: Shari, Shane,Tony,Elizabeth,Tyler, Ashlin and many many more were so taken with Eden that when they found out of her illness they were just sick as many of us were. They have taken up vigilance at the Nazarene church in the little town and have recruited many more supporters and it was about time for them to meet the incredible Eden Adams! Everyone we met were so supportive and loving to all of us and the Wonderful Pastor Dan asked Eden to come to the front of the church during Sunday morning service to be prayed for and anointed. It was a very moving experience for me! The kids enjoyed themselves so much that they begged to stay and attend again Sunday evening which we did. By the time church was over Sunday night the weather was getting bad and we felt the safe thing to do was wait until Monday Morning before heading home. It is exactly what I needed to prepare for the next round of treatment! Thank you all so much for your hospitality!

Eden is feeling good and has no outwardly signs of the progression of disease which is Wonderful! We received Confirmation that treatment will begin the BSO in Philly on the 29th of this month. The protocol for this trial states that they must wait 2 weeks between the time they treat each child so there is a child beginning treatment on the 18th of this month so the 29th is the earliest we could do it. Please continue to pray that she has no more progression in that time!

One of Edens wonderful supporters sent me the picture above of her pink hair in support of Eden's fight. It made me cry when I saw it as Amanda has never even met Eden!

Dr. Mosse and Dr. Yeager are working on getting Eden set up for a CT Scan here in Columbus before we head for Philly and other then that there is nothing new.

Thanks for checking in!


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