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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

A parents prayer


Today I pray for my comrades in arms in battle side by side to defeat the monster that has come to take our children. Our babies go through living hell while we are on our knees begging you to spare them. I pray someday I will understand this madness, but for now I am so very sad and so very angry! Dear lord please hear my prayer to take Sweet Christi swiftly and painlessly and to give her parents and sister the strength to withstand the Immeasurable about of pain they are enduring. I pray she will stay in the hearts and minds of her friends and family forever so she may always live on through them. I pray for her soul and that she suffer no more.

Please pray for peace and comfort for Christi and her family.

Latest update from Christi Thomas website:

Christi continued to be very uncomfortable throughout the night. She received a platelet transfusion about 6 AM and that’s when we learned her LDH was even higher (17,288). After assisting with Christi’s clumsy body and getting her back to bed after using the restroom I pointed out to Shayne and the nurses that her eyes looked exactly as they did before she had her seizures Friday night and her motions and behavior were the same too. Sure enough, she seized. I’m so sorry Shayne had to witness that as it is a horrid and helpless feeling to watch your child shake uncontrollably right before your very eyes.

The LDH and the seizure led Shayne and I to the conclusion to ditch the radiation (torture) scheduled for today and to let her die with dignity. Dr. Maris was in this morning to again patiently talk with us about end of life issues and to remind us that no parent could live through a greater hell. He believes it will be sooner rather than later.

Shayne and I continue to cry oceans of tears. I never expected it to hurt this bad – and yet I have learned that the real pain hits 4-6 months after the child’s death when others expect you to go on with your life even though life will never be the same. I just love and adore this sweetheart who because of the circumstances became my best friend since we spent so much time together. As I sit here beside her bed, I look at her painted fingernails and remember just weeks ago when we sat on the floor painting each other's nails.

We will forever be grateful to all who have helped us over the past four years. We are truly unworthy. We consider ourselves richly blessed. Our prayer request is for Christi’s precious little soul and that this little child of God has a peaceful transition to Heaven.


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